Friday, November 2, 2007

Tobi Mac - Ignition

War. It tears at my heart. It is a sad state when things degenerate to the point where killing one another is a solution. It saddens me. I think it is a necessary evil ( I can't imagine Hitler actually being in charge of the world ), but one that has so much impact on nations, communities and families and individuals. Nothing will ever be the same after. Whole generations are defined by war. WWII, Korea, Vietnam...
I remember my grandfather, who was in WWII Battle of the Bulge, with tears in his eyes watching the young men leave their families for Operation Desert Storm on the t.v. He said he remembered that feeling and it had never gone away.
I see the footage of injured or killed troops. I see the best that America has to offer putting it all on the line for an idea. A belief. A way of life. I see Iraqi civilians who are smiling again. I see mothers weeping. I see funeral processions with thousands of flags.
I see people mad at one another, taking positions, being kind, being horrible, showing respect, showing disrespect, determined, confused.

This video set to Tobi Mac - Ignition. See what your thoughts are.