Saturday, March 21, 2009

Put Christ Back in Schools?

I came across this on Facebook the other day, "Put Christ Back in Schools". Someone had joined this group and had sent me an invitation to join as well. So I asked myself "who took Him out?". Where in the heck did they put Him? I have a bobble-head Jesus (yes, my baptist friends think it complete heresy) in my office on the shelf, and I had a mental image of someone moving him somewhere just to mess with me. I would start a group "Put Jesus back on the Shelf", but that wouldn't sound good either now would it.

Now I understand what people mean when they say "Put Christ Back in Schools". Its an expression of sentiment that their beliefs and freedoms of religion are being trampled upon by political correctness, culture wars, atheists, and whatever else, and in some measure I believe they are correct. It is a two-edged sword however, as freedom to practice ones religious beliefs is more inclusive than just chrisitainity, and I'm afraid those same persons who would like to pray to Jesus at football games would not be so inclined if the prayers were Islamic to Allah. Anyway thats another discussion.

So why isn't Christ in schools? Are you folks leaving him at home when you pack your lunches and grab your books and head out the door? Are you busy getting your gradebook and your lesson plans together and forget to pick Him up with your purse and ID card? Since there are no official clergy present in the lunchroom, are you not able to pray over your meal? Are you so focused on your sport that you don't take Him into the locker room with you?

So who took Christ out of the schools in the first place?

Yep. You guessed it. We did. We are responsible for "Putting Christ back in Schools". Christ is not a bobble-head that has been moved from my shelf to another location. He is not a morning prayer right after the pledge of allegiance. Christ is us. We are the hands and feet of Christ/Jesus. He dwells within us. Our actions are an outpouring of our hearts. So if anyone took him out, it would be us.

So let's take it a bit further. Put Christ back in our Families. Put Christ back in our Workplace. Put Christ back in OUR CHURCHES! And the way to do that is to put Christ back in your heart and take him with you. And you don't need the government for that.

Now if you want to talk about the legitimate assaults on Christianity from the culture, (as in the group suing in Texas over the moment-of-silence) we can do that in another post.


MizAngie said...

Anyone who thinks prayer is not in school hasn't been there on test day when many students are praying for a vision from God in the form of test answers.

"Religion" in school is fine when everyone believes the same way, as is assumed by many in the Bible Belt. The fact that this assumption exists, that there is so little tolerance for different methods of worship or different interpretations, is exactly why "religion" shouldn't be in public schools. However, as you said, Christ in school is totally different. I thought this post was excellent. Thank you for it.

nonprofitprophet said...

Thank you MizAngie for your feeback. I DO remember those test days and I was prayin' like a back-slidin' baptist. I pray alot driving in traffic around here also. Yep - I don't think "religion" should be in public schools, but I don't mind having the freedom to worship as they believe (with some limits of course as this can be taken to extremes and perverted, like anything can be). ~npp