Friday, August 14, 2009

I bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle

I had no idea it had been this long since I blogged last. For some reason, life has seemed to fill itself with all sorts of distractions to keep me busy. From family to work to other pursuits, I am often amazed at how much I have to do and that thet end of the day comes so quickly. There are many times I have had GREAT THOUGHTS on things to blog about, and of course I am in the shower most of those times and can't write them down, so of course I loose the thought.
A week ago today I bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle. A big one. Lots of chrome and shine to it. I love riding motorcycles. I have owned and ridden one off and on since the age of fourteen. For the last eight years I have ridden a Kawasaki Vulcan Classic. A very eye catching and comfortable bike that has given me years of reliable service. But I have wanted a larger bike for about two years but couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Here are some of the reasons.
Yep, guilt. I felt guilty about it. They are quite a bit of money and in the realm of things are not a necessity. It is money I could spend elsewhere on the family. I had a bike that was paid for so I didn't really HAVE to have a bigger bike. I also wondered what Jesus would say about it. That is money that I could have used in tithing, or donating to non-profits, or whatever. Yes, guilt.
Okay, thats about it. Not many other reasons I put off buying one. But I absolutely love the feeling of riding a powerful machine down the roads with the wind greeting me and being at one with my surroundings. Its like therapy for me. I can clear my mind and just get lost and not worry about whatever. After a nice ride I have a better attitude and overall feeling of all is okay. It releases me from chains that ties me to life, and allows me to live.
It does my soul good.
So I will enjoy my new Harley. I will relish in the moments that God allows me to commune with him in this way. It is truly awesome.
Live to Ride - Ride to Live.


KJ said...

awesome. it's beautiful! One day I'll actually learn to ride one myself. Right now, I'm very content on the back. And like you, have been doing so since I was a teenager. Grew up riding with my dad on his Goldwings.

Take your bike to the mountains. It's my most favorite place to ride.

journeyingrick said...

there are many worse - and far more expensive - ways to give yourself a break and meditate and stay relatively sane. rock on!