Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have been reading Brian McLaren's new book "A New Kind of Christianity". Disclaimer is that this is the first of his books that I have read. And its a good one. This is one of those books that gives you some insight into "things" about christianity that you probably have never heard if you grew up in the "official traditional" church. Of course, that is part of the post modern movement isn't it, too question and rethink what "church" is?
So he does so in many ways. Sometimes Brian gets a little too much into the detail of a certain thing in his attempt to explain a complex subject to simple reader like myself, but thats okay. This is a book that takes some time to read, think about what the author said, then move on into the next part. Brian is shaping an arguement or painting a picture of maybe how we should view the bible/christianity in light of new information.
I could see this book being used in seminary to stimulate conversation (where it wouldn't be considered heresy) and maybe shape and rethink some old opinions. I am definitely going to take some of the key thoughts of the book and break them up and teach over them myself. Its a book I am dog-earing if that helps you any.
Now, if you aren't familiar with Brian McLaren or the post modern emergent movement thing, then be a little open minded when reading. Especially if you are like myself and are more conservative regarding most social issues, because the main participants of this movement tend to be of the socio-liberal variety. However, I agree with their take on christianity, but not necessarily their perception of social/political issues.
Read the book. I recommend it!


KJ said...

read it. one of my favorite's of his writings. we talked about it for awhile at journey. good stuff.

nonprofitprophet said...

I actually taught over some of it with my group and they were really receptive. moreso than i imagined they would be. it is interesting to see where people are on their walks these present days. ~npp