Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hero - Part 2

Well, I went to the award ceremony. I thought about it all the way over there trying to figure out why I was attending this function. I was nervous. Got there, was early, so I stood around for awhile while final touches were being made. Yeah, okay. I was a bit excited about getting a Hero award. Heck, how many times in your life does that happen? Like Zero. But what if I'm on stage with real hero's. I would feel like an imposter.
People feel like that. No matter who you are or what profession you are in. You know the REAL YOU, and you are afraid someone else will figure the REAL YOU out and call your bluff. Figure out your a fake. Point out that you don't know anything. Its all a big sham and you've gotten by with it for along time. I hate that feeling. Maybe its insecurity, who knows.
People start filing in. Its a large crowd. There are many recipients for various reasons. I feel better because I will not be singled out and can blend into the crowd better.
I meet the person who nominated me. The person I helped so many years ago. She is an older lady, almost 75 years old, and with tears in her eyes gives me a huge hug and says I am her Hero. I hug her back and try saying something humble but she would have none of it. We had dinner together, spoke about her life and mine, and really got along well. She was a neat lady. Found out she and her husband used to ride an Indian Motorcycle back in the 1950s. This lady was hell on wheels it seems.
Cool. She went out and looked at my bike I rode over and commented on how much she missed riding. I told her I would take her for a ride, jokingly. She almost took me up on it.
It was a good evening. I soaked it in. I was a Hero for a moment - to someone at least. I have learned to accept things more graciously now than in the past. It is easier that way. Making a fuss that you didn't do this or that just draws more attention to you. Letting others do for you out of gratitude. Its like a funeral. Its more for the folks attending that the deceased. You let them have their gestures. Their way of giving thanks. It really isn't about you at all. Its about them. Their appreciation. Their way to give something back.
Okay. So I am a Hero. Where the heck is my cape?

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