Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Other Texas Religion!

After reading KJ's post in the road less traveled blog and Endlessly Restless' reply, I got inspired too! Thanks too you both.
In the Great State of Texas (Yep - we love Texas and the braggin' rights it brings to be a True Texan!)the predominate protestant denomination is Baptist, followed by United Methodist and then you got everyone else and the Catholic Church to boot. (no Texas pun intended).
But THE BIGGEST RELIGION OF THEM ALL IS "FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL" in TEXAS!!! Where we groan and fuss about getting up for church, we readily stay up and party for Friday Night Football. In small Texas towns that don't have much else going for them or the sidewalks are rolled up at 6pm, most live for the battles that are fought on green turf fields of glory. Talk of "We got a great team this year" or "We beat the heck out of ..." gives a sense of oneness where otherwise it is each their own.
Whether it be old guys reliving their glory days vicariously through their sons or young guys showing off their stuff - Football is Legendary In Texas.
I have gotten where I love football games more and more. I wasn't any good playing when I was younger, but the thrill of the whole thing never leaves you. It is a very manly thing to do, good talk at the water cooler, and ties lots of folks together. Community. Pride. Bragging. Where alot of other things drive us apart: Politics, Race, Gender, Socio Economic factors, heck even our denominations, Football seems to overlap all of these. It is fun to cheer your warriors on. Too support your Gladiator on the field of battle. To live in the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.
Football. Yes. It is a great religion.

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revrin rick said...

i am ashamed to admit that i had not been to a high school football game until last year - since 1979 when i graduated.
and the only reason i started again is because i have a daughter on the drill team! (i had a son who did 4 years of high school but it was a matter of pride for the swim team that they boycotted football games) and here's the surprise - i loved it! it rocks! and we have drill team parents that we got to be good friends with and it's a blast.
go timberwolves!!!