Monday, April 14, 2008

Better than I thought...

What a gorgeous weekend! Not hot, very sunny, a cool breeze each day. The world around me was alive with new awakenings. Songbirds proclaiming their presence in sound and color, their plummage of blues and reds and browns and blacks dotting the landscape. A bird's nest just under the eve of the porch contains new life, which will no doubt continue this annual pilgrimage to our front porch as there parents before them. Flowers in full bloom and grass a rich shade of green, with trees engulfed in the youngness of their unfolding leaves, stretching out to catch each ray of sunlight, some of which slips past and darts to the earth in a beam of brightness, piercing the blades of grass and penetrating the soil. There were no clouds, but the moon's image in vague whiteness pushed its way through the blueness of the sky above me.

It was perfect. So perfect that it begged "go fly a kite". So I did. With two of my daughters, we set forth to the open areas and gave flight to our man-made creations. They soared and dipped and twirled about above our heads, giving a spectacular display of aireal acrobatics. My girls were delighted by this simplest of exercises.

I had purposely made no plans for this weekend. It was my birthday weekend. I only had those things to do which I chose to do. The other things merely fell into place as if they originally existed there, awaiting my arrival for completion. To do what they were designed to do. Kites to fly. Songbirds to sing. The moon above to proclaim its presence, both in the light and in the darkness. For me to listen. My soul was at peace.

I received many expressions of good wishes for my birthday, in email, phone calls and in person. I was blessed to spend time with my family, both biological and self proclaimed. My sunday morning fellowship was in rare form and the discussion was lively. I spent the evening with the youth program, getting greetings from them in the forms of the ever popular knuckle to knuckle and "Yo - Mr ___" with an upward headnod.

And last night, as I laid down to sleep, I thought to myself that I really never stopped and spent any time with God. I SPENT THE WHOLE TIME WITH GOD! He was there in all of this, and I was surrounded by Him all day. And I smiled.

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. and I was. ~npp


KJ said...

sounds like a perfect birthday!!

nonprofitprophet said...

could have only been better if my bud RickyD had been with me in person. That would have topped it off! ~npp