Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Do you ever feel disconnected? I am feeling that way today. Well, I'm expressing it today, but I feel like that alot.

I feel disconnected from God, my spouse, occupation... just life in particular. Okay, I'm not usually so much drama. I am usually on target and tuned in and on step and whatever term describes on my game. I think this is why I recognize that I'm off somehow. I am not doing my devotionals. I haven't made time for God. I have spent a lot, and I mean A LOT of time with my family lately and that hasn't helped bring down this wall that has gotten between us. I have been traveling and going and doing and ... I just got exhausted.

I haven't spent my energies on getting myself healthy. Been doing too much for the sake of whatever. Relationships, entertainment, my own ego, you fill in the gap.
Pink Floyd (the music group) has a song "comfortably numb" that resonates with me alot. sometimes i get "comfortably numb" to life. Ironic thing is that its not "comfortable" to me. I don't like numb. I like life. I like living on the edge. I like chances. I like spark. I get restless.

I emailed Endlessly Restless at his blogspot about a quote I read in Christianity Today magazine over the weekend. It spoke of being restless, and I am.
I want that "walk to emmaus" experience again or that annual church camp experience of my youth back. I need some authenticity in my christian relationship. Oh hell, lets just put it out there - I need authenticity in my marital relationship as well.
I need to connect. I need it on more than a superficial level. I need to connect to my world like a comfortable t-shirt that has been worn over the years, with enough stains and paint on it to make it unique. Mine. No one elses.
I need to do this. I am not quite sure how to approach it.

maybe this post is like the AA thing. The first step is acknowledgeing I have this problem. I just need to take step two. maybe i should re-read Brother Lawrence's "practicing the presence of God" and see if that inspires.


KJ said...

dude...based on your last few posts, we're livoing such parallel lives right now it's stupid! That being said, I have nothing to offer. LOL. I'll be watching for other's comments; hopefully with words of wisdom. peace, my brother.

nonprofitprophet said...

kj - if you see an exit off of this freeway please let me know. :) ~npp

KJ said...

ok...I think it's somewhere near Mexico.

monster paperbag said...

For me, feeling "comfortably numb" is a warning sign that one needs to do something in order to get out of stupor.

nonprofitprophet said...

monster paperbag - thank God you are conscious of the warning sign. Many are plugged into the matrix unaware. ~npp

karthika said...


Online and Offline projects

nonprofitprophet said...

karthika - thanks! ~npp