Thursday, July 10, 2008

whats with this hatred of Christians?

Today I've been working and goofing off a bit as well. Somehow I got off on a yahoo chatroom about religion (yeah, go figure) and I never really get on those forums. But some reason it caught my eye so I said what the hell (not literally), I'll give it a whirl.
It was amazing too me how many people do not like christianity on these things. They literally go to name calling and labeling and foulness. There were a few on there that would discuss in a normal discourse the topic, and they were kind of fun. But overall, there is a hatred of christians and a dissing of God. Of course for the most part they were picking out wierd stuff from the Old Testament (I don't think any of them actually quoted anything about Jesus from the New Testament) and how God was this or that and people who believed the bible were that and this. Basically saying its all a bunch of crap and people who believe it are stupid.
I saw the same type of stuff yesterday about Intelligent Design after the Governor in Louisiana mentioned it on some show. Good for him. The blog-o-sphere went crazy over that, calling ID unscientific and there position (big bang) plausible and using all sorts of cras labels and language to describe the governor. Of course, they loose me there because it is much easier to believe in ID than "oops just happened" but whatever.
Now my question is this: If they believe that God doesn't exist, uh, why do they spend so much time denouncing it and trying to prove that it doesn't? I mean really, I don't believe in the Easter Bunny but I don't go around bashing those who do or making fun of his ears. So why the hatred? Why do you hate something so much that you don't even believe in to start with?
If there is no God - then what do you care what others think? Does the message of Jesus upset you so that you want to throw fits and insults? Yeah, I can see that. Love one another. Love thy enemy. Blessed are the peacemakers. Big Time Threatening stuff. Has spawned much misery, with all the relief aid being sent to disaster areas, red cross, salvation army, food pantries, missions... i could go on and on with the stuff christians are doing in the name of Jesus.
I know! Why don't we form an organization so we can put a stop to all of this nonsense. Teaching kids right from wrong and 10 little basic rules like not killing each other, not to steal from each other and respecting their parents, just where do we get off doing this? This has to end....
huh? whats that? oh sorry, just informed there already is some organization doing that. ACLU.
Well good for them. We need to end this practice of teaching good stuff and making the world a better place. Cause heck, if its good enough for the easter bunny, its good enough for me!


KJ said...

easy there, cowboy. you were starting to get all worked up there!

yeah, I've read/heard bashing like that. If it's done with some civility, I'm good with it. but the hostility is something I don't get. you raise a good question...why do they spend so much energy on something they see as a fairy tale.

hippity, hop.

nonprofitprophet said...

yeah KJ - i was getting a little wired up. I was actually heading a different direction with my thoughts but i got off track a wee little bit! `npp