Wednesday, October 1, 2008

God of Wonders

This week has been busy. Really busy. With work and life and sick kids and stuff to do, you just get overwhelmed with it all. And on two separate occasions this week I have looked up to the heavens and saw the awesome wonder of God's expansive creation, and it brings me a temporary peacefulness. One was late at night when returning home from a meeting and the other was early this morning before 6 a.m. There is a certain crispness to the air, a clearness of the stars, and a fall-like coolness that seems to awaken something deep inside that says to me that I am part of a great and ever developing creation, an ongoing love song from God. And, well, the lines of the song "God of Wonders" echoes within me. And I catch myself singing the words of the song, rising from somewhere inside, to voice my adoration of it all. I have placed most of the words here for you.

Lord of all creation
Of water, earth, and sky
The heavens are Your tabernacle
Glory to the Lord on High

God of wonders, beyond our galaxy
You are holy, holy
The universe declares Your majesty
You are holy, holy

Early in the morning
I will celebrate the light
And as I stumble through the darkness
I will call Your name by night.

This is my 100th post on this blog. And it seems like a significant moment. In relation to it all, I am still humbled to try to understand that I am significant to God. Me, an ever so small being, whose time will be measured by years, which are but a blip on this current we call time which exists in the great unfolding universe.

Go outside. Look up into the heavens, and marvel.

God of Wonders.

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KellyLawson22 said...

Good post, friend. I so often forget to take note of where God is in creation-- it's like I forget he's there. How ridiculous. CREATING is the thing he did first, and the thing he continues to do...

thanks for the reminder.