Friday, November 7, 2008

44 Things about the 44th President

I was tagged by journeyrick at to be a part of something involving writing 44 things about the 44th presidentelect, Barack Obama. After reading his 44 things, I am hard pressed to do anything different. I actually do not know enough about him to list 44 things. There are too many unanswered questions for me, too many unknowns, too many variables at play. I am a bit cycnical by nature, especially when it comes to politicians. Or preachers for that matter. I don't trust folks very deeply becuase most have proven themselves untrustworthy.
For those who know me, and really know me well, there is a certain amount of "wall" that I keep up for defensive/safety reasons. I don't know where that trait came from by I have it. I'm sure some of it is part of my profession, some just me. BUT BUT BUT if you get into my confidence and friendship, I am too loyal. Fiercly. I trust you all the way. And will defend you to the best of my ability. Its hard to get that close, but once you do, its a done deal.
So politicians have a really really really long way to go to gain my trust. Actions speak louder than words.
That said, here are some thoughts on the 44th without trying to repeat what rick said:
1. He inspires by his oration skills.
2. He is to be admired for his accomlishments.
3. America should be congratulated on this milestone from where we have come to where we are.
4. He is statesmen like.
5. I pray for his safety. There are stupid people in this world.
6. I hope he does such a good job he is reelected.
7. I hope he gains the trust and the confidence of the USA.
8. I hope he gains the trust and the confidence of the world.
9. I hope that he is more than his words.
10. He seems to think outside of the established box. That could be good.
11. I think he needs to communicate with our enemies as he proposes. Communication and understanding might solve problems instead of postering. Just don't be too naive about it.
12. I hope he picks the most non-partisan people to help him.
13. I hope his own party doesn't turn on him if he rules as a centrist.
14. I hope the republicans and the media and others do not tear him down constantly as others did Bush.
15. I hope they pray FOR him and not AGAINT him.
16. I hope he makes wise choices for all of the people. He talks it, lets hope he can walk it. So many of the politicians don't.
17. He knows the issues we face. Lets hope there are good answers to solve them.
18. He has brought people together. Lets hope others don't tear that apart.

Thats really about all i got for now. Most of it is HOPE for him and his presidency. I want him to succeed. I would have wanted John McCain to succeed. But I am to wary of the world, and the media, and the partisans to have much faith they will let him, or any president for that matter. He will have his work cut out for him if he is to maintain the image of the campaign.

I am hopefully optimistic for this president. I am pleased that America seems to be past its racial issues. Even if he is not a good president, America has passed a major test of its abilities in regard to people. I think maybe this election says more about the American people than it does Barack Obama. Maybe we should list 44 things about America as well.


Endlessly restless said...

I think that the keyword at the moment is hope. Obama seems to bring a sense of hope/optimism, even enthusiasm in grumpy old men like me!

I hope that he is worthy of the people of America and the wider world. And that they are worthy of him.

MizAngie said...

You remember the old Southwest Conference? Remember how they finally shut it down because the schools kept getting in trouble for breaking the rules? Well, they were all telling on each other so they would have an advantage while the guilty party would serve out their sentence. That's how the major political parties are doing each other. If a politician gets too popular, or too powerful, the other party works and works to bring that person down - and the media helps them because they love to talk about and publish smut. I don't believe the citizenry matters much anymore. It's just about the winning and the power. My cynicism sometimes feels like it's gonna eat me up from the inside out.

nonprofitprophet said...

I feel the same way at times MizAngie. ~npp