Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last day of 2008

I was so busy this morning with my 6am meeting and getting to work where things were already happening that I had forgotten this was the last day of 2008. I mean, I new it was New Year's Eve but it didn't really register that this is the last day I will officially write 2008 on anything.
I've been reflecting on the year and overall its been pretty good. It is hard to believe that it is gone and another starts tomorrow. Of course the older I get the faster they do seem to go. And thinking about this year, I can honestly say its been a positive one for me overall with some bumps in the road.
I have made a lot of new friends through civic functions, this blog, and I am also on Facebook (as my real self and not NPP) for the first time this year. I got to spend a lot of time with my family. Went to Galveston Island before the hurricane hit, went to Boston MA which I enjoyed alot, went to San Antonio Texas and to SeaWorld with the kids (you may remember my post about that little trip), Austin a couple of times where I always visit with my brother-from-a-different-mother Rick Diamond who is pastor of JOURNEY Imperfect Faith Community in Austin Texas We were blessed with good health overall and enough food and finances, which was more than a lot of folks.
I witnessed a truly historic presidential election which shows how far this country has come in race relations. I got a new senior pastor after my numerous petitions to the Lord and after a long wait in the desert He finally delivered.
It has been a while since I blogged anything but I wanted to do so on this last day of 2008. I felt like I should have at Christmas, but you know what? I actually tried to just slow down and enjoy it and not feel pressued to have to do anything. And it worked for the most part. So I didn't blog. Didn't have anything useful to say.
I have some thoughts for 2009 that I have already jotted down to blog about, so I will start working on those.
Wishing all of you a Great New Year and many of the Lord's Blessings,


Endlessly restless said...

Happy New Year npp!

Amongst my own reflections of the past 12 months I have detected my won 'slowing down'... amongst other things this is evident from my less frequent blogging. Like you, I've decided that I'm not going to put any pressure on myself about this or other peripheral things!

God bless - and I'lll see you around here (from time to time)

Endlessly restless said...

Note to self: Must remember to proof read comments in future!

'won' should be 'own' - which may help with the sense of it. Other typo's are less significant.

nonprofitprophet said...

the right side of my brain rearranged the lettering for me so it was not a problem! lol. I proof after submitting and see all of my errors, so I just shrug it off. Hope your 2009 is going GREAT! ~npp