Friday, March 23, 2007

American Idol?

It seems we are hooked on American Idol for some unknown reason. The suspense, the talent, the crazy voting! Yes - How in the world has Sanjaya made it these past few weeks? Should be raising the brows of conspiracy theorists all over the united states. Sanjaya, probably the least talented of any of the top 12, has somehow made it through each week while more talented are eliminated. For some creepy reason he reminds me of a cross between Michael Jackson & Prince, but without the talent. Just what is it we idolize anyway? Seems to me all the wrong stuff. After Dale Ernhart (NASCAR i think) died in an accident, I saw the number #3 on windows of vehicles everywhere. I then thought, Hey - if Jesus would have had a number , maybe he would have been more idolized as well! Keep on singing Sanjaya. I doubt you'll get crucified, but maybe at least voted off.


KJ said...

yep, I'm hooked too. good ole American sensationalism. I heard a rumor form one of my Youth at Journey that Howard Stern was asking his listeners to call in each week and vote for Sanjaya. I looked up the website and tis true. One more reason to dislike the man.

nonprofitprophet said...

Yep, I saw the same thing on the tube. Just one more thing in a long list of reasons to "tune Stern out". npp