Sunday, March 25, 2007

Eeeyore and me

Why is it that we are never content. never satisfied. always desiring something more or different? is it the human condition, a deadly sin, a pardigm shift that needs to occur...or is it something else? Today while discussing Max Lucado's "Six Hours One Friday" with my little fellowship group, it occurs to me that maybe its not that we just want what we do not have, but they we are actively rejecting something we really need. To replace our feelings of failure, guilt, ineptness, we replace what we really need with stuff. And when that stuff no longer satisfies, we get more stuff, or better stuff, or whatever. Sounds like a George Carlin monologue. Only it isn't funny. It can be debilitating. When God offers Grace, it is difficult for us to just accept it. Must not be that good if its free huh? Or maybe, just maybe, we feel we don't deserve it. Well, that's true. That's what makes Grace so weird. Getting something you don't deserve. So we reject it, or at least resist it, and try to fill that void with other stuff. It doesn't work. Can't work. There is a part of us, that knows we cannot fill that void with material stuff, yet we trod right along attempting to do so all the time. I love the scene in a Winnie-The-Pooh animation, where Eeyore has asked Santa Clause for a house. And Pooh, believing he has screwed up Christmas by loosing the wish list letter to Santa, gets Eeyore a tent, which is too small for Eeyore and it sticks to his back when he walks. Eeyore is dissappointed, saying "I asked for a house, and got a mobile home". Pooh can't get it right, cause it wasn't from the right source. And Eeyore is like me, even when I get it - I still can't enjoy it cause I'm carrying around all this stuff that tells me I am not worthy of it. You know, I'm not worthy of it. I'm not worthy of the friends I have, family I have, job I have, or stuff I get. But you know, it doesn't matter. I gotta learn to love those things in spite of myself. "Whoa is me" says Eeyore.

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revrin rick said...

prophet, you are RIGHT ON!!! it's not about anything but just being REAL ... be real!