Tuesday, March 20, 2007

its all about the blood

Okay, so I'm not a Calvinist. Sue me. I have this recurring conversation with an ex-pastor friend of mine who is constantly trying to convince me that 1. i'm not "saved" 2. that it is all about "the blood of the lamb".... Anyone else find that icky? I mean, what do these words mean "salvation", "blood of the lamb", "precious red words of Jesus", anyway? I think these are the terms that turn me off - and a lot of others i expect. Call it semantics, but it does.

So I figure I'm just all alone, whacked theologically speaking, because I think that it is actually about loving one another and yourself, and acceptance. I read this book, (which has sold over 800,000 copies I found out) "The Will of God" by Leslie Weatherhead. Guess what - this guy is whacked as well! Yippee! I'm not alone. Other people actually think that God's Intentional Will was that folks were to listen to Jesus and take up his ministry and follow him - Not crucify him. That was a result of the evilness of man, not what God planned. Just like when some kid dies and some well intentioned person tells them, "it was the will of God". Call me crazy, but I can't see where God intentionally gives a six year old girl leukemia. Disease happens, God makes the best of it. The crucifixion happened, God made the best of it. Ultimate Will. You might set God back - but you can't beat Him.

If I get a response, someone will quote Paul. You can quote me on that.... lol.


revrin rick said...

Go Stud!!
Yep, I don't think Jesus was a Calvinist. Jesus wasn't a Baptist. Jesus wasn't any kind of "ist." Jesus probably watches all the stuff we've all made what he talked about and did into religions and doctrines and thinks, "Good night! this is ridiculous!"
Ask them questions, troublemaker! and in that i'm referring to you AND Jesus ...

KJ said...

well, said. and thanks for saying it! I'm a friend of revrin rick. met you a time or to. I made the "journey" from mega-church land with him to Journey. I'm a recovering Southern Baptist and totally get what you said about the "icky language." I just started a blog myself...let;s welcome ourselves to the Great Blogosphere! This ought to be fun for all. Carry on.