Monday, April 2, 2007

from the mouth of a child...

I am setting at my dining room table saturday morning reading Max Lucado's "Six Hours One Friday", having a cup of coffee, as is my routine. My four year old daughter, who likes to get up early as well, comes and sets in the chair next to me, playing with something or the other and making small talk with dad. I am only partially listening, of course, cause I am engaged in the big people world of study for my sunday morning faith community, and reading....
but I hear these words, "Daddy, I see its shadow". I have to ask her to repeat herself because she doesn't talk very well at four years old. She was holding what looked like a medallion on the end of a string and saying, "see the shadow", while dangling it in front of her. Me being so smart, I decide this would be a good time to teach this little one something, so I ask her if she knows where a shadow comes from. She replies, "Yes - from light. But if you don't have light you don't have a shadow". Hmmmm... something struck me about that simple response from the mind of a four year old and got me to thinking, which is usually dangerous. Without Light, no Shadow. And it made me think about my own shadow. What was my light source? How far do i cast my shadow?
DC Talk song has a tune with the lyrics, "i wanna be in the light, as you are in the light"... and it went racing through my head. Yeah, I wanna be in the light, cause if I ain't in the light, then I ain't casting no shadow. And have you noticed that the closer you are to a light - the bigger your shadow is?
Man, if this won't preach - nothing will.
A cup of coffee, an early morning hour, and the voice of a four year old. thank you God

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