Thursday, April 26, 2007

start my own church?

I got this email today from a person in my sunday school class that I teach weekly, totally unsolicited and so totally cool... I wanted to share...

I had an idea for you:

YOu could start your own church and call it the Messy Christian Church

and you could put up signs that say "We don't have the answers.....come join us"

..We are followers of Jesus...........and we stumble all the time.......come join us"

PS We even drink beer sometimes ;)


KJ said...

I'll come. Perhaps at your church we could have the modern day Communion as I envision: chips and salsa, and margaritas? Yes?

BTW, you mentioned "His Needs/Her Needs" on on earlier blog of mine. Thanks for the reminder; I should dust off my copy and read it again.!

nonprofitprophet said...

i reckon if people use wafers and welches, we could do the doritos and margs...
the trick to that book is getting the other person to read it - as I am perfect and they are needing
ok, yes i have a warped sense of humor. but hey, at least i HAVE a sense of humor.
if i didn't laugh, i'd cry.

revrin rick said...

yes ... yes ... yes is the answer. absolutely.
start a faith community.
check out real live preacher's early early blog entry on what a church could be like if he did it the way he dreams.
you could do that.
you have the power and the truth. you have the balls. you have my vote.