Wednesday, May 2, 2007

car accidents

Several months ago, a young high school girl was driving home when she was struck by a drunk driver. It appeared she would not make it. The phones and emails began to churn prayer requests and people prayed fervently. Life flighted to a larger hospital, it was touch and go. A website was set up for people to leave comments and check on her progress. Everyone was praying to God for healing and the family. Days passed and she got better, people praised God. Weeks passed and progress was slow, people still praised God. Months later she is doing much better and all the Posts thanks God for this and that.
Great. Really Great.
Tuesday, a 17 year old friend of our family, who lives about 8 miles from the above girl, was returning home when he lost control of his vehicle and was struck by another car. Killed instantly. No chance, no time, no hope.
Now, both families were interestingly similar. Church goers, financially well off, good kids. Seemingly apples to apples comparison. So why did one die and the other live. Will both parents be praising God? Was his will done? Was that it?
I dare not try to understand the why's of any of this, for I don't think it can be comprehended, and would drive me even further insane than I already am.
Faith, Trust, Hope, Love - intermingled amongst questions and confusion.

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