Thursday, August 23, 2007

Guilt Free Sundays!!!

I don't know why this came to me. Maybe it is divine inspiration. Maybe its just wishful thinking. Either way, here's the thought: Guilt Free Sundays. Its one sunday every quarter where the church just closes up shop. Encourages families to stay home and rest, relax with one another. Or go out together to the park and play games. Or couples to go to IHOP and have an intimate brunch and get well acquainted again. Or single kids to go home for the weekend and visit mom and dad. Yeah, I know you can do all these things already, but this is CHURCH APPROVED! Hence, no guilt, no strings, or whatever. The church actually telling you to take a day off for your family. The church taking a day off. The Sabbath, Rest - Rest for the pastor and his family as well as you and yours. I doubt this would actually work in the real world, as church on sunday is the only social activity some people get. Or what about the person that shows up needing Jesus and you are closed. Or what about the tithing. Good grief. Okay, maybe it was just wishful thinking after all. Maybe I'll just initiate this in my little rebellious church group and see what the official church thinks of it! Guilt Free Sundays. I can dream can't I? ~npp


KJ said...

I love the idea. I don't know how the logictics would work either, BUT the idea of sleeping in on Sunday mornings, hanging out in my pj's and eating waffles...sounds so great! As you can see, I would do my guilt free Sunday at home. I guess I could do this anyway sometimes, but I guess I usually think I have to have a reason for not going to church. Hmmm.

It's great idea! Let us know how your pliot program goes!

Endlessly restless said...

I like the constructive dissent that seems to lie behind your idea. I'm always intrigued by challenging thoughts - kind of chimes with some of my own thinking and posts on 'too much church'.