Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Hate Oswald Chambers

Many of you know of Oswald Chambers and the book "My Utmost For His Highest". For those who don't its a nice little devotional.

and I hate it.

Here's why. It speaks too me. Damnit.

I have used this devotional before. Devotionals have a way of presenting something new each time you read or reread them. Same with this one. They have a way of focusing my day on a certain point. One that usually needs focusing on. Its like Oswald is in my lil' head and saying whatever it is that is on my mind. It challenges, humbles and at times humiliates me about my own selfishness.

I used to do a devotional every day for the obvious reasons of drawing closer to God, but also as a time to reflect on myself as well. It was part of my spiritual discipline. The last few years have been sort of tumultous for me, as it is for anyone who goes through some major life changes, and I kind of put aside my devotional time.

I have recently started it again, and am reading Oswald Chambers once more each morning before starting my busy, bureaucratic day. It seems to help, though I can't really explain it.

Think about God. Think less about yourself. Think of others. Be a good influence. Get over your own ambitions and listen to God.

Thanks Oswald.


Joe said...
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Joe said...

Just found your blog, by way of yes yes yes ... blog.

I used to read Oswald Chambers, too. Damn it. I even gave a friend of mine who was starting on a spiritual journey a copy of this book. In my "fundie" days, an older man gave it to me to read daily for spiritual nourishment. I threw that copy away a few years ago ... carried messy energy that wasn't part of my spiritual journey anymore.

Bottom line: Now I feel compelled to go buy a new copy of it and start over ... on my OWN terms.

Thanks for sharing this part of your journey.



nonprofitprophet said...

I understand. I had it awhile before I read it - and it was okay. Since that time, when I reread it (like Mere Christianity) I get somethign new and inspiring from it every time. Glad you stopped by and thanks for the comment. ~npp

Endlessly restless said...

npp - I've recently adjusted my devotional pattern, amongst other things incorporating 'praying in color'. I've found that it's stuck with me throughout my bureaucratic day, which is good. It's also having some (minor) impact on my behaviour - ever so slightly less grumpy!!

I haven't read Oswald Chambers, but I'm currently enjoying some Abraham Joshua Heschel (as you might see from my blog!)

nonprofitprophet said...

I noticed many references to color in your bloggings. I have never tried Color in devotionals, but I am quite sure the Lord has as many ways to inspire as he did to create us. ~npp

KJ said...

Ole' Oswald, huh. Haven't read him in years. I remember having the same experience as you when I would read his works. Perhaps I'll dust off my copy.

That Hideous Man said...

My step-grandfather used Oswald Chambers for years, and gave copies to many people. Around the time of WWII some of Chambers' works were very hard to get hold of so he tracked down Oswald's widow, who wrote to him several times and helped him get hold of some of his books.

My step-grandfather was a lay-preacher in Gloucestershire for meany years (1950s-80s), and his sermons frequently quoted Chambers.

nonprofitprophet said...

THM - that has to be way cool to have those letters. Really adds the the historical value of Oswald's work. There are many things I would like to come over and see in your part of the world before I leave the planet. ~npp