Friday, March 28, 2008

The Angel of Death - A True Story

In Texas we got a saying; "You ain't gonna believe this sh**." But here goes.

A friend of mine's wife works in an ER of a local hospital. He tells me the story wednesday morning of this week.
An elderly lady patient in one of the rooms starts yelling "Help! Help! Help!" over and over. Two or three staff respond, asking her what is wrong. The lady tells them the gentlemen in the next room is about to die and to help him.
Of course, the staff find this odd, as there is a solid wall between them and no way the lady would know anything. Regardless, they walk next door to find the guys vital signs dropping ... so they start to work on him ... he dies.
Yep - dead.
They go back into the room where the lady patient is and ask her the obvious question: "How did you know that the man next door was dying?". She says back to them, "You didn't see the man?" They ask what man. She tells them just before she starting yelling for help, a tall man, dressed all in black wearing a black hat and carrying a big knife in his hand had come into her room. The figure startled her by his appearance, and said "Sorry, wrong room" and turned and went through the wall into the next room. This is when she started yelling for help.

told you that you wouldn't believe this sh** ~npp


KJ said...

no way. A knife? "Wrong room?"


nonprofitprophet said...

I swear it was told as truth from a credible source. Honest to ... well you know who...!
If you watched the Hannity's America special on Easter about phenomenon like this, it is really creepy. You know most people die and have a going ot heaven experience, well one guy spent 23 minutes in Hell, and now has a book out by that title. ~npp

KJ said...

That guy should meet the guy wrote 90 Minutes in Heaven. Hah, hah. That's too funny.

MizAngie said...

True story. Late '80s. Medical Center Hospital, or ETMC as they like to be called now. My Dad was in for urinary tract issues. Urologist was POSITIVE Daddy had prostate cancer and scheduled a biopsy. Day before the biopsy a man in light colored scrubs came to get Daddy to go for a catscan. The man sits beside Daddy for a few minutes as there's a line at the testing place. The man says, "Mr.*******, do you believe that Jesus Christ is your savior?" Daddy says, "Why yes, I do." The man, "Well, then, Mr.******* - relax, you'll be fine. Now is not your time." Daddy turned to say something else but the man was gone.No sign of him anywhere. They did the biopsy and there was no sign of cancer. Daddy didn't die until 1995, from a staph infection that settled in his lungs.

nonprofitprophet said...

mizang- truth is stranger (and way cooler) than fiction. ~npp