Saturday, June 7, 2008

a one, a two, a many licks will it take?

If you know what the subject line above is in reference to, then you are probably around my age. "A one, a two, a many licks will it take" referred to a tootsie-roll lollipop and the commercial featured a kid who sought out a wise owl and asked how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-roll lollipop. The wise owl takes the lollipop and licks 3 times and then just bites into it.
Enter politics.
I was watching both McCain's and Obama's "speeches" the night Obama clinched the Democratic nomination by delegate count. McCain said this and that and Obama said that and this. I will concede that Obama is a much more inspiring orator than McCain. And I'm listening to what each is promising to do if elected President of Our United States of America.
I, my friends, am a left over Reagan Republican. I listened over my young adult life to the promises, the hope, the inspiring message that I got from him in my impressionable days and loved it. I waited for the days that the Repubicans (i.e., the conservatives) would finally straighten out our screwed up world and put things "right" (pun intended). Well, it finally happened and the Republicans took control of the White House and Congress and great things were going to happen. Lower taxes. No more pork barrel spending. No more interpretive judges on the federal judiciary.
They didn't.
The Republican's took office and for the most part - acted just like the democrats, just a different label. Nothing got solved for the most part. I felt let down. Still do.
Now in fairness (or for disclosure purposes for my liberal leaning friends, of which I have many) I am not a Republican. I would claim to be an Independant but I see so many people from both sides of the isle claiming that position that I hesitate to do so, and I can't say that I have actually voted independently in the past. Moderate carries such a bad label now I hate to use that either, and I'm not very moderate really. I am passionate about what I believe. I believe anyone who is passionate about their belief systems should vote and act accordingly. I have no problem with conservatives or liberals as long as they actually believe their own rhetoric and act on it and back it up with intelligent thought.
Which brings me back to my subject. I don't know that I believe the rhetoric of either Obama or McCain. Obama with his "I don't know my friends very well obviously" stance on all of his drama and his hope-inspiring messages (Which I like the sound of but wonder how in the hell he plans on carrying all of this out since he hasn't given any plans on how he would do this, but he sounds good) and McCain with his "I can be a conservative or a moderate when it suites me" and past performances where its hard to figure out what he might do.
So my question is: How many licks will it take to get to the center of these two. One, Two, Three? Like the lollipop, they are in the selling political season and have been polished and wrapped in a way that they hope will appeal to consumers to purchase them.
I just wonder what the actual product will be once I bring it home.
A one, a two, a three... the world may never know.


MizAngie said...

It's depressing. Without the support of congress, neither will have much power. The economy seems to do better when the dems are in office, though, so I'm gonna have to go that route on the outside chance Obama can rally the current situation.

For the record, I licked three times and then bit like the wise old owl. Not because I was wise like the owl, but because I was a glutton and lacked the patience it took to wait for the gooey chocolate center. I hope I'm not using that same philosophy when I select my candidate...

KJ said...

this is the best analogy I've heard. totally agree. I dont' know what I' think about either guy. I keep being reminded of one of my favortite South Park episodes. In short, the school needed to vote for a new mascot. Their choices were a douche bag or a terd sandwich. Stan wouldn't vote for either and was excommunicated to the PETA village where people and goats marry each other. Stan's father finally convinced him to vote saying, "Son, your choices are always going to be a douche bag or a terd sandwich."


nonprofitprophet said...

mizangie - how correct. i think people loose focus on just how much a pres can do, and how much congress can really screw up. but its the pres who usually takes the wrap.
yes, lets hope that a person "warm and fuzzy" feeling isn't all they get from that lollipop.

KJ - yep, terds and d bags. i keep remembering "Mr Smith goes to Washington" and my optimism, or naiveism keeps me hoping that someone with at least a shot glass full of integrity will make it.

KellyLawson22 said...

This is a great post. Having been employed by a presidential campaign in the past (I won't say which one, but since you know my age, you can probably figure that out), I think I may be completely disillusioned by presidential races for the rest of my life. I'm not so sure I'll ever get energized about voting again. You're right-- it's hard to distinguish who is REALLY selling what-- I'm CERTAINLY not sure I'd like the product either one is offering.

nonprofitprophet said...

Kelly - I remember you working for that campaign. I have been labeled and idealist in my youth and later on, a radical. Radical as in Passionate. But the more passionate I am about something, be it politics, religion or just a relationship, the more likely I am to get dissappointed. The pitfalls of giving a damn i reckon. ~npp