Monday, October 22, 2007

Blue Like Jazz and David Gentiles

I spent the weekend with my cousins in the Dallas Texas area this weekend, and went to their lakehouse at Lake Texoma to see it and spend some time with them. Our conversations typically turn toward christianity or theology or spirituality at some point in our visits. Last year I bought them the Donald Miller book "Blue Like Jazz" which I had read and knew they would love. They now have this book on display at the Lakehouse for visitors.
Now, I also spend as much time with my best friend journerer rick in the Austin area and his faith community is I have met on a couple of occassions a really cool and neat and gentle journeyer on staff there, David Gentiles, who Rick explains is all that and a bag of chips! He is very influential in his own way in the realm of things, and i think was on staff of a big megachurch at one time.
Anyway, back at the lakehouse, I pick up this book and flip through it and see on the inside cover, (i think this is right) "for David Gentiles". COOL!!!
I didn't know there was a connection between Miller and Gentiles. and then I got this really great feeling that a book i really like is written by a cool guy who puts David Gentiles name in it who is on staff with my bestest friend Rick and how I am somehow in this loop of great spiritual souls.... and I got a great feeling about that.
It was all about the connectedness to something...something larger than me...something with value and meaning for others...something real... and it just left me feeling very special indeed. Because most of my life I have felt like an outsider - looking in on what appears to be some reality most get and i can't seem to grasp. My reality looks a lot different from that world and I often wondered what was wrong with me. I was actually brought up "believing that Jesus mattered and that doing unto others was the right thing" to actually do and not lip service. then along comes Ricky D, David Gentiles, Donald Miller, just too name a few, Michael Yacconelli is another, and there are more of us out here. And I feel affirmed.
It was just a neat thing and I wanted to share.
ps - the lakehouse was formerly owned by a journeyer as well. Small world.


KJ said...

yep. Gentiles is the man. Miller talks about David in another book, but I can't remember which one it is. He talks about being in David's youth group and how Gentiles really encouraged his writing. Pretty cool.

nonprofitprophet said...

Gentiles is DA MAN~ and so is Rick... and , but whatever... ~npp