Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Games We Play...

Strip Poker, naked twister, Truth or Dare, chicken, Trivia, Sudoku, just too name a few. But that's not exactly what this post is about.
I have worked, lets say, for a variety of places, in one respect or another. My longest tenure was in a place where it was kind of scary, full of brutality, and just a lost world. to succeed there, one must "adapt" to certain norms and subculture thougt process. To promote, you had to play "THE GAME".
Many of you know of what I speak. Its the carrot and the stick game. Or the its my ball so you play by my rules. No matter the ethics.
and yes...I don't play well with others. Its not because I don't want to play, its just the rules are silly. So I left that job. Was looking for one when i got it, so i did I started looking again... found one... found another ... found yet another.
So I land somewhere I am comfortable. Told 'em at the hiring I am not a yes man, and I don't back up or bend over either. (its an expression). Was very honest with them. they hired me. Its been okay. Until now..
There is a possible promotion. yes - the motherload had been presented. more money for me and my family. So - ENTER GAME TIME! So here is a series of hoops to jump through "to prove you really deserve it". I don't like the approach but I figure its clean honest expectations and I do them.
The game gets harder. I am set up for failure. It works. Big meeting. Not sure now. Blah blah blah. I am asked "do you really want it?" and more carrot stick game.
I answer honestly. I'm just not sure I do want it.
They are silent.
Hadn't occurred to them I might tire of the game and take my marbles home. Shucks.
Now they are left with, oh lets see, no options and no one else qualified...and the one that is qualified, namely me, might back out.
The game changes. A new meeting. Clarification. It was all just a test to see how i respond to pressure. They really want me to promote because I can do the best at the job.
W.O.R.K. It's a four letter word for a reason.
You just gotta love those games we play.


journeyingrick said...

G.A.M.E. is also a four-letter word.
"church" is unfortunately a five-letter word, but it feels like a four-letter word to meeeeeeeeee

nonprofitprophet said...

somedays somedays... ANd , oh, it just occurred to me, LIFE is a four letter word. We are doomed... :O ; ~npp