Tuesday, October 16, 2007

environmental awareness blog day?

I guess we don't have enough ideas of our own so we had 'suggested' blog topic of environmental issues. So I'll bite and be a follower:
I love nature - I am not a tree hugger.
I believe in conservation - I don't believe in limiting the amount of toilet paper I use.
We should be good stewards of what God has given us - and realize that God has given it to us.
I don't really believe in Global Warming - I do believe in irresponsible behavior that negatively impacts our environment. I remember as a kid that it was the impending ice age again and it had me scared to death. Didn't happen. Then it was all the planets were going to aline for the first time in ump-teen years and the gravatational pull would pull the planet apart. Again, didn't happen.
I think there are a lot more "do as i say" ers than there are "do as I do" ers.
I remember a commercial from the 70s, when I was a kid, of an Native American (Indian for you older folks) alongside a highway when a motorist throws trash out of their car, and a huge ol' teardrop rolls down his face. That image is still with me.
Then I transpose that image with Jesus standing on the street, or in the corporate office, or god help us in the church office, as we discard one of his little children like so much trash on the side of the road. And a big 'ol tear goes down his cheek as well.
Being good stewards is more than just with our environment. It is also with our relationships. So many times I have seen that taken for granted. People used as commodoties and then discarded after their usefullness is over. and it makes me sick.
so the next time someone asks you what you think about the environment, ask them what they think of their neighbor. It kinda goes hand in hand, because everything you do or your neighbor does has an impact. Whether relational or environmental.


journeyingrick said...

the tear on jesus' cheek ... YOU ROCK NONPROFIT PROPHET! wow. "people used as commodes and then discarded" is powerful. wow again.

and i also do not believe in limiting the amount of t.p. i use. i DO believe in being a good steward.

environment ... people ... love ...

you stud.

nonprofitprophet said...

awe shucks...your just too kind. ~npp