Tuesday, December 4, 2007

some morning make you just go hmmmm....

It was cold this morning. Really cold for Texas. 26 degrees I think it registered on the window gadget. Brrrrr. My daughter had her first golf tournament ever today, of all days, and it was cooooooollllldddddd I tell you. So we get up early and I fire up the '66 Chevy Classic pickup I drive and we loaded up and headed to the school where I dropped her off to catch the bus.
I started my 14 mile trek to work and decided to stop in McDonald's to pick up some breakfast. I walk up and order my food "to go" and wait. I am watching the workers there. "Why do they work at McD's?" I wonder to myself. There are kids up to adults and I just wonder about their life circumstances. Was it a failed educational system that leaves them only this option in life? Is it a college job? Did a dysfunctional broken home decide their fate? or do they really like serving people in this type of job?
I dunno why I am thinking about this. I just do. Its not a looking down snobby thing. Good grief thats not it at all. I just wonder what crap life has thrown at people and how they got where they are today. I do it all the time. I mean, if you had turned left instead of right. Said no instead of yes and not got married. Picked this major over that one in college. Hadn't gotten knocked up in high school. just stuff.
So i get my food and I'm off. I drive through one of the lower economic areas consisting mainly of hispanics on my way to work - and I see this guy walking on the side of the bridge with a bag in his hand. Its cold. Still really cold. And his breath is coming out in those little steam clouds. And just for an instant - we lock eyes. Me driving my '66 Chevy and he walking along the side of the road in the coldness of the early morning.
and i wonder.
what got him here? why is he walking and not driving? is he homeless? is he doing the best he can to feed a family somewhere? somewhere in the past, did he turn left and not right or pick the wrong career field?
"There but by the grace of God goeth I" crosses my mind. Did God really bless me better than that guy? Some have more because God graced us more? Really struck me as stupid. Mine is more like the Sherly Crow song "Isn't it Ironic" I think.
I don't know. Just my rambling thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I believe the song you are referring to is by the lovely import Alanis Morisette

nonprofitprophet said...

OMG - you are sooooo right. I like 'em both and get 'em comfused. Thanks! ~npp