Thursday, December 20, 2007

stupid emails

Stupid emails. I get them all the time. Mostly its spam about how I can enlarge certain parts of my anatomy, or I have won the lottery from Nigeria, or some such nonsense. Easy deletes.
However, some of the stupid emails come from people I actually know. (Come on, you know what I'm talking about). The "if you love Jesus you will pass this on to..." or "if you are ashamed of Jesus just delete this like the cold hearted person you are..." or "if you send this to 10 people a cancer patient will get 5 cents from AOL..." or what the heck ever. Please Stop!
I got this one today. "I made a bet with my boss that I could find 300 people who believe in God before he could. So add your name to the list and pass it on to others who are willing to stand up for God."... blah blah blah.
Yes. God cares whether or not you sign an email saying you believe in Him.
I am expecting a similiar email from Santa any minute now.

Here was my response (reply everyone button):
"Of course, the concern is not whether you believe in God or not. The concern is whether or not you are in an active relationship with God and listen. And if you listen, how do you respond?
You can say you believe in Santa Claus, doesn't make him real. You can say you believe in God/Jesus, but if you don't live it, its no more real than Santa.
Just my two cents."

I know, I probably over reacted to this email. but geeeez!


journeyingrick said...

now, pass this along to twelve people, including me, within five minutes, and something wonderful will happen! try it!

or, screw that!

nonprofitprophet said...

i'll take the latter. ~npp

MizAngie said...

AMEN! I hate those emails. Intellectually I know they're crap and have nothing to do with my relationship with God/Jesus. So why do I feel like Thomas everytime I hit the delete button???

nonprofitprophet said...

mizangie - cause we are just not sure about it...Maybe God does watch our emails! uh-oh, i'm in BIG TROUBLE!!! ;0 ~npp